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Knowledge Centre

We believe in the value of sharing financial knowledge. 

As professionals in our industry, we understand the benefits and the risks associated with financial products and services, and work to keep you educated and informed so that you can feel confident in your financial strategy and future financial decisions.

Why Manulife Private Wealth? The Advisor Perspective
Manulife Private Wealth provides access to a wealth of experience to manage your clients' money how we manage ours.

Investing with Manulife Private Wealth
In 2012, we launched Manulife Private Wealth to offer high-net-worth individuals an opportunity to have their money managed the same way Manulife manages its own balance sheet.

Demystifying the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans
For Canadians at or nearing retirement, the Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan may be a bit of a mystery.

What is a Pension Plan?
Understanding what your company pension plan offers can help you determine how to make the most of all your retirement savings options.

What is a payout annuity? (External link)
See how a life annuity can convert your savings into guaranteed income payments for life.

Should you consolidate your savings? (External link)
Find out how consolidating your savings can make managing your investments simpler.

What is long term care insurance? (External link)
Here’s how long-term care insurance can help you cover expenses and give you the care you need as you age.

What is asset allocation? (External link)
Find out how you can manage risk in your portfolio.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

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Understanding investment income
When it comes to taxation, not all investment accounts are created equal.

Determining the best approach – what is the difference between a TFSA and RRSP?

What is an ETF?
If you’ve overheard any conversations about investments or seen finance programs on television, you’ve likely heard the term "ETF".